Saturday, July 2, 2011


FIGHT! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!! to WIN!!!!!!
My NEW Anthem befor I hit the local neighborhood business and run into the GROUPon POOPEDon Ask a retailer how he like giving up his PROFI and giving it To GROUPon POOPEDon who delivers FREELOADERS as customers who bhave NO LOYALITY. Tomorrow they go Next block to your compritor and ypour tables are empty.
NO YAHOOS ALLOWED-NO AOL Ameateurs & No GROUPon POOPED On FREELOADERS. Yeh Our stuff is Cooler, It's Freer and you don't have to give up 50% of your Gross (sometimes that's more than 100% of the NET Profit. We Charge you NET 10 and We do this that & the other. Blah Blah Blah. Why would you believe some guy posing as "CHEtheAMERICAN' on a FREE Blog like thios here on BLOGGER. WHY? Well, If I have to explain it you any further and you're too lazy to check My FaceBook, Twitter, Or Better YET-Just GOOGLE the name "CHE the AMERICAN "And, if you're too lazy for that I made the link for you. Just Click Hear. And if you're TOO lazy to Click Here & Get a 7 day trial for ONLY $1 measly dollar, then as far as I''m concerned I wish you GOOD LUck and send you on your way with a prting Gift.


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