Wednesday, June 29, 2011

.CRACK Heads Rum of Choice? Capt Morgan


Members of the Life Care Medical Team called police about three males that were acting suspiciously June 18 at Speedway.

One of the men was seen pouring an alcoholic beverage into a McDonald’s coffee cup. The men denied any wrongdoing to the officers, saying there was a bottle of Captain Morgan run in the car’s trunk, but no one had poured it into a cup.

Officers also noticed an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and one of the passengers admitting to having the drug and handed it over to the officer. The bag the passenger was keeping the marijuana in was searched and was also found to contain a glass smoking device along with colored pills, a folded piece of cardboard and a whitish colored rocklike substance in smaller bags.

The passenger said the white rocks were crack but said he believed them to be fake. (just like the FAKE Capt. Morgan Rum)

The substance was to be sent for testing with charges pending the result.

Capt Morgan Rum needs to send their ad agency to rehab.

Would YOUR business target crackheads for your brand?

Keeping it REAL in the Caribbean,

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