Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travel widgets for Colombian Travel ALL-Information

Ran across a new search site in Colombia.

I clicked twice and discovered a treasure trove of valuable information for anyone already doing business in Colombia, and those laggard company's waiting on the US Congress to pass a TRADE Bill propose years ago-During BUSH#3.

Democratic Unions in America are trying for a shakedown and they got it today. GM paying workers $2-$3 RAISE from YOUR TAX DOLLARS/ More BULL SHIT to step around the Crony Capitalism shit they rub in our noses. Our bought off/bribed/Intimidated/Threatened so called "leaders" of the Free World.

Well, No wonder we're in such a mess. Look who is driving this mother fucking ship wreck. Every 2 seconds it's Al Queda this and AlQueda that. What type of a human being using these types of tactics? The ones trying to enslave your kids and all future generations.

These are devils I'm talking about .

Someone Drunk on Power & Money-THEIR MONEY NOT YOURS! They'll try to steal your last cent-even after you're already DEAD.

No this election is going to be VERY Different and these parasitic worms in Congress are going to be gone. 20% of Congress left the biggest mess in Capitalism's history and jumped on a Plane to Tel Aviv. Yes-20%. There are lists everywhere. The people will remember who ran off to help Israel, while our own ship was sinking. No, and this time I don't mean the USS Liberty...This time its MUCH BIGGER...Stay tuned.

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