Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Real Negotiator's Online Profits System

Do You Need Help With Your Online Marketing And List Building?
It's a crowded Internet out here and getting more & more crowded by the second.

I've been an Online Marketer since 1994. Yes-I was around in the old days of the 14.4 modem- where it took hours just to download a 30 second video clip. And, when an HTML programmer was worth their weight in gold. My first Pentium notebook computer, a Tadpole model, cost $7,500 and my Silicon Graphics workstation cost $29,000. Trust me, I have seen it all from the birth of Netscape to the demise of countless Dot.com companies.

That's why I am so excited right now! The new tools that have been made available to us today are a marketer's wet dream. But, what good are the tools if you don't know how to efficiently use them?

Believe it or not, but there are still local businesses out here that have to pay other people to make their web pages and help them set up their Face Book & Twitter accounts. They pay some "CONsultant" through the nose for SEO "optimization" and other marketing services that they could and SHOULD be doing themselves. I see the outrageous fees charged by these "CONsultants" for what any business can easily do for themselves in just a few minutes time...

How can your message be seen & heard by more people today-Starting 1 hour from now?
I have developed a unique twist that gets your business noticed

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