Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Alcoholic Beverage Stocks That Hedge Funds Love - Seeking Alpha

Sixteen hedge funds invested nearly $500 Million in DEO.

Tom Russo tops the list with a $119 million investment. Tom Gayner’s Markel Gayner, Harris Associates, and John Osterweis’ Osterweis Capital are among the fund with large investments in DEO as well.

If you have your money with these hedge funds...remember good old Bernie Maddof and his charming wife and family? These Hedge Funds are backing DEO even after the US Treasury GAVE $3 Billlion (with a Capital B) to a UK based company to move from Puerto Rico to St.Croix.

Hundreds of jobs and families were destroyed by this move and only 40 low wage jobs were created on St. Croix.

All the crooked dealings that WikiLeaks hopes to expose, will Really make people think twice about ever supporting the (fake) Captain Morgan Rum again.

If people see anyone order Captain Morgan Rum in a bar, they'll laugh at them like they do when they meet someone they thought was cool, but turned out to be a fool. Have you ever found what you thought was an ideal candidate for a business partner or life partner only to be disappointed when you found out this person has a YAHOO email address?

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