Sunday, February 20, 2011

The CHE of the DAY 02-20-2011


This Clip Needs to be translated and/or forwarded to your contacts in Global Hotspots.

This is my version of The REAL Uncle Sam vs The FAKE UNCLE SHAM-

The Good Uncle Sam is GOOD-He helps many people in many countries. Even my own mother gets her Soc Security & lives a great life in sunny, South Florida. Thanks to the GOOD Uncle Sam.

The FAKE UNCLE SHAM on the other hand, has stolen our money- ALL OF OURS! EVERYONE- even including Fat-cat Donald Trump.

A LEBANESE-MEXICAN is now the richest person in the world-surpassing Bill Gates & Warren Buffet.

The FAKE UNCLE SHAM wants to abolish all unions except for the police. What does that tell you? We are headed back into the plantation times with Uncle Shammy. This time though the people of color will be joined by bankrupt white folks and their children & grandchildren.

Now's the time to pitch in and help The REAL UNCLE SAM in his war against the fake Uncle SHAMMY SCAMMY!

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